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Aero Arcade Mohali is one of the two most important real estate groups – Royale Estate Group and Home and Land Planner  LLP Together, veterans of this fact have established Quantum homes, which are now ready to provide Aero Arcade, is a good corporate mark that will maximize enterprises too. To return to history, the Royale Estate Group was founded in 2004, and today is actually a credible name. This group has created a place for the implementation of the project with its latest project planning and time distribution. The group has already presented many high prices, big projects and some others are on the verge of completion.


Highlights of this Aero Arcade Mohali Projects:

-24 * 7 power and water supplies

-Children playground, where they can play cricket, football, cabbage, etc.

-Park facility is available here, where you can spend your time with your family and go for a break in the

-morning and evening.

-Parking facilities are also available here.

-Shopping stores are also available to the community.

-The bank is close to society.

-The international airport is located on the road.


Showroom Floors: (Built-Up)

3rd Floor            840 Sq. Ft.

2nd Floor            840 Sq. Ft.

1st Floor              840 Sq. Ft.

Basement + GF 1120+840 =1960Sq. Ft.

Showroom Plots:

Booth 11.5 X 30   B+G

D.S.S  13.5 X 30   B+G+I

      16 X 70      B+G+I+II

      16 X 70    B+G+I+II+III

C        16 X 80    B+G+I+II

Site Layout:

Aero arcade Site layout

Location Map:

Location map Aero arcade

-5 mins Chandigarh International Airport                                           - 5 mins Railway Station

-5 mins Chandigarh-Patiala Highway NH-64                                      - 10 mins Chandigarh, Panchkula, Zirakpur

-15 mins ISBT & City Centre                                                                 -  18 mins Quark City